Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bolt Was Once American Dog

The project Bolt was originally titled 'American Dog', and was originally to be written and directed by Chris Sanders (director of Lilo & Stitch).

Chris Sander had his own creative idea about the film:
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The American DogThe AmericanDog: asuperhero, an actor, a star!
The cat, the oversized, radioactive rabbit and the American dogThe one-eyed cat
But Chris Sander's vison of the animated movie, with a one-eyed cat and an oversized, radioactive rabbit, was a little too bold.

Disney wants indeed something more mainstream that could position as the family film of the holidays: Disney wants Bolt to be every kid's best friend and the ultimate action hero.

That's why Chris Sanders has since left the project and been replaced by Chris Williams and Byron Howard. As a result the movie is now titled Bolt. (More about this controversy here.)

Bolt is more politically correct. But one should not over criticize Disney for its choice. The goal of the company isn't art for art's sake after all: CALPERS and other shareholders rightfully wait for their dividends.

Nevertheless I wish Adam Chris Sanders to find some generous sponsor to finance his own project one day, for art's sake.


Anson Jew said...

I don't think I agree with the basic premise here. I think kids would be more likely to flock to American Dog than Bolt. Kids like things that are wierd and strange--not bland and safe. Who is convincing shareholders that kids would rather see something like Doogal than something like Spongebob? The people on the Sanders side of the controversy aren't just "arteests" raving for art for art's sake. They're people who know that kids are smarter and more creative that certain adults give them credit for.

Anonymous said...

This is kind of out of context, but my weird anal side has an urge to point out that you've written 'Adam' Sanders when I assume your intention was to write Chris.