Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bolt Official Trailer

Bolt is an upcoming CG animated movie by Disney Animations. John Travolta is lending his voice to Bolt and Miley Cyrus to Penny, the girl who owns Bolt.

The official trailer of Bolt has been released by Disney through Empire, and Bolt is indeed a cute naughty dog:

I think this movie is gonna be a hit: even the hamster or the cat look cool! You can be sure your children are going to claim Bolt toys: don't spend everything on Wall-E, yeap, keep some money for Bolt!


Anonymous said...

Isn't the whole " delusional TV Action Star who thinks he's a real Super Hero , but eventually discovers the awful Truth and is disillusioned but becomes stronger for it and triumphs in the end " schtick almost exactly the same as the Buzz Lightyear character arc in Toy Story ?

Plus cute animal buddies On The Road in an epic trek across country .

So it's Buzz Lightyear meets Homeward Bound .

Looks cute, but to really carve out a distinctive niche for itself compared to Pixar and Dreamworks I think Disney Animation ought to be blazing new trails rather than retreading same ol' themes and situations.

neverlandrulz said...

Didn't Jon Lasseter take over the project though? since he directed Toy Story and looked over Bolt, I think he'd be smarter than to make the exact same movie twice.