Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bolt Sneak Preview

We won't have to wait until Wall-E to get a glimpse of Bolt: indeed this time we have a sneak preview of the final Bolt animated movie! And actually it looks much better than the mainstream watered-down version I may have been afraid of.

The sneak preview of Bolt come to us thanks to dedicated fans of Miley Cyrus. Yeap, the teen is lending her voice to Penny, the owner of Bolt the dog whose voice is made by John Travolta (is Bolt a Disco dancer dog?).

Here below Bolt sneak preview:

And a few snapshots:
(Click on pic ture to slightly enlarge it.)
Bolt and Penny are both actors in a TV Show.Penny and Bolt
are stars of a TV show.

Bolt is a superhero on screen but in real life he's but a little dog scared by pigeons...But Bolt is no superhero in real life...
In the wild wide world Bolt understand what makes a real superhero!
Nonetheless he is a really kind dog!

If I hadn't paid my theater ticket for Wall-E already I would go stand in line to buy one right away, not only for Wall-E but also for the trailer of Bolt that will shown in front of the Pixar movie.